Utah BusStop Design Compitition 2009


Project: Utah Bus Stop design competition

Designer: Boni Studio Inc.

The future of the bus-stop begins with some simple facts.

It should be multi-functional.

First,   function as a bus stop.

Second,   function as a information center for local commuters and the visiting tourists.

Third,   emergency support and emergency announcements.

Fourth,   a place of meeting or waiting for friends.

This design starts with a name “BUS-STOP”. The trick is to align the bus door to the portal  within the bus-stop. The dots on the floor indicate a place for people to line up. At night the bus-stop will also attract people with its glowing lights, providing information and a comfortable bench.

Some might argue that the OLED and interactive map is an expansive materials. I think any new technology at first is costly. However, as designers it is our responsibility to use new materials in a creative way to improve our way of life, visually and functionally.

The design components.


Solar panel ( Photovoltaic ) 30% clear glass opening for light penetration. It will generate electricity to run lights and display panels.

Solid wall

Metal box that holds the standard advertisement on the outside and interactive touch screen map at top and general information below ( w/ weather bus schedules and announcements ) with language options. This wall also act as directional portal wall.

Folded wall

Tri-fold OLED panel will provide a transparent enclosure for the people during the day and at night act as light panel for safety and digital advertisement for entertainment.

‘OLED’ is a thin clear plastic sheet that can act as a light source or a visual display like LCD without a sold back panel. It generates 75% less heat than the standard LED. Therefore, just right amount of heat for the people waiting for the bus at night.  OLED : Organic light emitting diode.


1.  Transparent display

2.  Flexible, fold-able and dual display

3.  Paper thin display

4.  Touch screen panel capable

5.  Free viewing angle.

6.  Low power consumption

7.  High contrast




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