RailLA High Speed Rail Station design 2010

The High speed Train of the United States of America 2010
The Design
Design concept was to focus on the speed. Like a bird in flight , or the courageous Blue-Angels airplanes. A station that is all about speed. fast Style + fast Function + fast Service. Shape of the HST station derived from the “Tail wing of the Blue-Angels airplane” one of the fastest fighting plane with a charisma. 
The first High Speed Train in the USA should be a one of its kind design. A station that functions totally different from the traditional stations. A double loaded platform on both sides of the Tail-wing building. In a way resembles the shotgun on both sides shoot the bullet trains out of the station. 
The ground level is served by the cars and Amtrak trains. The archway next to the clock tower of the Union station can be used as a curbside drop-off for the HST passengers. They could follow the green path up to the green concourse level and enter the main station building (Tail-wing). The green concourse level is a park like promenade that is connected to the public parking, Union station and the Gateway Center above the existing Amtrak platforms. 
The First floor of the Tail wing building has the ticketing, support, restrooms and storage spaces.
Second level is equipped with the waiting area. 
The third level is the food court and restrooms.
The incoming passengers on the platform level will take the escalator or an elevator to go down to the green concourse level to exit the facility.
The community Art
Flip-book artwork on the long walls in the stations could provide another level of experience. Also, attached is an animation of the passengers view from inside of the train. ( looking out to see the flip-book art on the wall form a moving train. )
The System
Aimed for 100% solar or self-generated electric HSTs for the future.

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