Seoul Design Fair 2010 Waste-Bin Design


The space we live in everyday is full of areas with personalities.
Some areas are more dominant over the other.
The light blue areas in the sketch is what  I call a  Shy area.
An areas in a room that is not a center nor a corner.
These are the neglected areas in the room and
it usually collects…..garbage.
Also, these areas happen to be potential areas for outlets,
and it’s used for appliances, Vacuum cleaners and….lights.

The Design
My proposal is a  ‘Waste-bin + Night light’ and it is called Timido
( It means Timid or shy in Italy )
Shape of the design derived from the sphere “the earth”
it too has a personality but it’s shy to say anything about it.
We put garbage in to it but not doing a good job removing them.
( probably glowing red by now! )

A waste-bin + night-light that senses the amount of waste in the can
and glow Green when it’s empty and Red when it’s full.

It is also a good teaching tool to educate our children
the importance of  waste management.
The simple concept of knowing where to put garbage and
when to remove them.

The Green
The small LED lights work with little energy and has a long life span.
If possible, it could also collect light-energy to run itself.
All made from 100% recycled materials and gets recycled to become itself.

To dominate and to be dominated, is part of nature.
However, all things should have a personality.  


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