Future of an Architect

Master Builder = Requires Vision ( creativity ), knowledge and charisma

Architect = Requires Vision ( creativity ), Knowledge

Designer = Requires Talent ( creativity ),

CoBieTect = Requires a computer and a BIM program?!

CoBieTect  in definition, ( word created by Jung Hwan Kim ) 08/28/2012 
Is an architect demoted to a  technician,  limited in it’s capability by the level of the program that they use.   ( Revit or any BIM software)   
BIMtecture in definition, ( word created by Jung Hwan Kim ) 08/28/2012
Is the profession for the CoBieTects , BIMtecture is a demoted version of Architecture.  
The weather man sometimes
forecast wrong weather to the world and it is perfectly OK
because he added  the word ” chance of ”
followed by the word  rain, snow, or storm…  
The doctor’s ” buried  ” their mis-takes and it is perfectly OK
Because we have to sign a disclaimer.
Saying that I understand and
I agree that the procedure by my doctor might kill me.
the  Architects  makes few mis-takes and it is not OK
because we are the prime target  to get sued…  by every member in the team.
Not only that, the architects can get sued for the life of the building?! 
Which is longer than the life of an Architect.
With new technology and cutting edge equipment increases their value.
Therefore,  making them more powerful and raises their overall professional level.
People will pay more money and be satisfied with the fact that it reduced the procedure time in half. ( pay more money for half the time?!)
With new technology and cutting edge equipment ( CAD, Revit, 3d printing.. ) somehow decreases our value. 
Therefore, making us less powerful and lowers our overall professional level.  
People want to pay less ( people meaning clients and Architectural companies ) and get more for the money because lots of  people think the great talent and philosophy of Architecture now comes in a box with the word CAD or Revit on it. 
Since BIM is slowly becoming the way of the Architecture, the driving force is shifting form designer to BIM coordinator and BIM coordinator to Contractors.  There will be times when a BIM coordinator will overrule the lead designer in order to make room for a pipe, duct, beam or change the design because it’s not model-able in Revit. (software limitation ). BIM is basically a 3-dimensional Excel spreadsheet, providing easy ways to do cost estimating, take offs (CoBie) and coordination. So is it OK  to reduce the architectural design possibilities because it could save so much time producing the working drawings !?. So I guess contractors are the ones getting the most out of BIM because they don’t have to spend time on coordination drawing because it is already done by the Architect and the architect probably will not get paid extra for this effort, but have the total responsibility with all the wrongs that comes in the future.  The contractor will have the power to wave the sword to cut and dice the 3d model to charge extra money for every little thing that the Architect didn’t model correctly or elements just missing in the model. 
The architectural drawing or BIM are the tools used by the architect,  and the tools itself do not possess any power.
The sword is an extension of the power of the person who is holding it.
The architectural drawings were created to convey the design intent. So the architect held the sword to cut and dice the building.
( horizontal cut = floor plan and vertical cut = section ) Therefore, the architect controls what the contractors see & hide what we don’t want them to see and for further control, the architectural drawings had an important note ” do not scale off the drawings”. Where is this note on the new BIM world?. The 3d model is unofficially allowing the contractors to measure off the model!?
It’s like the Coca-Cola company decided to print the secrete recipe on all the Coca-Cola bottles because it was convenient for any distributors to make Coca-Cola in their own warehouse to save money.  Since the consumer or the client mostly care about saving money (sometimes forget the fact that when the money is reduced, it also reduces the quality of the end product), who cares about what happens to the Coca-Cola company few years down the line…
Eventually, the distributors will have most of the power over the product and will do whatever it takes to make the product even cheaper as possible.
So, who’s the winner in the race to the bottom?
Is there any way for an  Architect to learn from Doctors, Lawyer, Scientist, Engineers to make our profession equally valuable and successful as theirs…

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