energy = good x evil2

E = mc²

m = The Good ( is a mass and has form/shape )

= The Evil ( is a spirit and has no form/shape )

E = Good Energy ( the ‘m’ or the mass transformed into spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.   massless  or  selfless )

The Good or the ‘m’ has the property of wanting to be stationary therefore,  become lazy.  The Evil or the ‘c²’ has the property of can’t stand ‘m’ being lazy therefore, it multiplies or clashes with ‘m’ so ‘C²’ can get ‘m’ in-motion. Only way to mobilize ‘m’ is by placing ‘m’ in a situation where ‘m’ has to make a choice to become massless or selfless ( or in other words become a spirit or soul ) than the ‘m’ gives birth to a new Good, which is ‘E’  or The good energy..

Adam and Eve or ‘m’ was created and they were placed in the Garden of Eden and it was perfect ( Garden of Eden = equilibrium or a vacuum ) , in the perfect world there is no need for motivation, so the ‘m’ laid around and just indulged in the perfection , which means they were in the path to become just lazy or without thought.  The Tree of knowledge or ‘c²’ was placed in the center of the Garden of Eden and it was the magnet that pull or draw Adam and Eve or ‘m’. The curiosity lead to thinking and thinking pushed them in motion.

Maybe a perfection or beauty is a balance of the greatest good and the greatest evil and the constant effort to stay balance is what makes it perfect. Therefore, when Adam and Eve took the fruit of knowledge, the perfection tipped over and became IMPERFECT. 

The Evil being Evil is perfectly normal. ( minus and minus = plus )

The Bad person being Bad is perfectly normal.

The Crazy person being Crazy is perfectly normal.

The Good being Good is perfectly normal. ( plus and plus = plus )

 So, the evil often times get a bad rep of representing the bad but however, it is being transparent to itself and it will always be the driving force that initiate good to become good.


In the world of particle physics

Gauge Boson (Massless Particals)  = Photon (carrier of electromagnetism) + Gluon (carrier of strong force)


In the world of space science

Black Hole = When planet explode, it becomes the Black Hole. In other words, when planet looses it’s mass, it becomes a spirit or soul, which pulls or get space in-motion.


In the world of Marvel comics

Silver surfer = A god figure that surfs on these ripples or waves or space-in-motion that is energized by the Black Hole. His job was to find planets to be consumed and destroyed by his boss Galactus.



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