The AIA Barbie® Dream House™ Design Competition

Mattel officials and leaders from the American Institute of Architects used the 2011 AIA NationalConvention in May to launch Barbie I Can Be …Architect, the latest in a series of  career-focused Barbies aimed at encouraginga new generation of girls to pursue a career in architecture. 

Mattel is spotlighting architecture as its ‘’Career of the Year’’ for Barbie and hopes to educate and encourage girls to consider the field when thinking about what their jobs could be when they become adults. ‘’For more than a century, women have chosen to become architects to express and give form to new ways of living. Yet some still consider architecture an unusual profession for a woman.Architect Barbie salutes the many generations of women architects and encourages young girls to imagine a better world they can design and build,”  said Despina Stratigakos, Assoc. AIA and Professor of Architectural History at the University at Buffalo. 

“For over 50 years Barbie has inspired girls to try on over 125 different careers, encouraging them to play out their dreams and explore the world and all of its possibilities,”  said Lisa McKnight, Vice President, Barbie Marketing.  “We believe role-playing with Barbie leads to real life opportunities and are very proud to partner with the AIA and its members to bring Architect Barbie to girls of all ages and to continue to inspire girls and women with the belief that they can do anything.”


Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial design competition


atlantic city boardwalk holocaust memorial 2010_jung hwan kim_01         atlantic city boardwalk holocaust memorial 2010_jung hwan kim_02

Urbi et Orbi

We propose to create a sacred space.

We propose to create a sacred space of many resonances.

A space in resonance with Oswiecim, a town in Poland which appears in history at the dawn of the XIIIth century. In archaic Polish the name of this town means, literally, “we shall consecrate.”

A space in resonance with Brzezinka, an old polish village, literally “little birch

stand”, a neighbor of Oswiecim.

This town, known in German as Auschwitz as long ago as the XVth century, and this village, known in German as Birkenau, literally “birch waterside”, became in 1942, in occupied Poland, the infamous capital of cruelty and mass murder of Nazi Germany, the concentration camp complex of Auschwitz-Birkenau where one and one half million Jews, captured all over Europe were murdered in the years 1942 to 1945.

You propose to create a Memorial where the citizens of Atlantic City and their guests may visit, rest and gather to commemorate the Holocaust. You dare want to speak of it, right here, “to the City and to the World”. The City is here at its quintessential secular space, the space of seekers of pleasure, rest and recreation – The Boardwalk. The World is here too, as it is forever – an immensity of sky, sun, moon, stars, waters of the Atlantic Ocean – a spectacle of Nature which is, as you say “majestic… compelling… inspirational… thought-provoking”.

We propose a sparse, transparent Memorial design comprising five elements:

1 A stand of Six Birch Trees, betula papiryfera. These tall trees, green and white, the witness trees of Birkenau, offer shade, the rustle of leaves in the wind, a constant murmur, perhaps, of prayer and consolation.

2 A Memorial Tablet made of laminated glass and stainless steel, with built-in lighting, rising vertically from a slot in the wood deck; featuring at it’s center an engraved map of Europe and North Africa illustrating the maximum reach of Nazi Germany and her collaborators. Around this map, talmudic style, word is given to eminent victims – Walter Benjamin, Anne Frank, Mordechai Gebirtig, Etty Hillesum, Itzhak Katzenelson, Janusz Korczak… eminent survivors – Tadeusz Borowski, Paul Celan, Fania Fenelon, Henryk Grynberg, Jerzy Kosinski, Primo Levi, Elie Wiesel…eminent liberators – General Eisenhower, Field Marshal Montgomery, Marshal Zhukov… and eminent historians – Bella Davidovich, Martin Gilbert, Jan Gross, Raul Hilberg, David Wyman… all these words to be chosen in due deliberation, all together forming an engraved message of connection, information, remembrance, sorrow, inspiration and dedication.

3 A Memorial Candleholder, made of stainless structural steel, a rail shape or,

perhaps, a relic rail, if one is obtainable, in place for events of public commemoration.

4 A Wood Deck and Railing – same as the Boardwalk standard – featuring built-in flush stainless steel plate Great Circle Markers (4a) showing bearings and distances to sites of persecution at the extreme reaches of Hitler’s Germany and it’s collaborators, as well as sites of crucial battles that brought about the tides of victory and liberation… built-in flush stainless steel Tree Grates (4b) and Tree Lighting (4c)… and two focused Wood Seat Slabs (4d) for rest and contemplation.

5 A working Bookstore and Reading Room, in the rentable retail frontage accross the Boardwalk from the Memorial, featuring special books and exhibitions, information in all media relevant to the study and remembrance of the Holocaust.

Seoul Design Fair 2010 Waste-Bin Design


The space we live in everyday is full of areas with personalities.
Some areas are more dominant over the other.
The light blue areas in the sketch is what  I call a  Shy area.
An areas in a room that is not a center nor a corner.
These are the neglected areas in the room and
it usually collects…..garbage.
Also, these areas happen to be potential areas for outlets,
and it’s used for appliances, Vacuum cleaners and….lights.

The Design
My proposal is a  ‘Waste-bin + Night light’ and it is called Timido
( It means Timid or shy in Italy )
Shape of the design derived from the sphere “the earth”
it too has a personality but it’s shy to say anything about it.
We put garbage in to it but not doing a good job removing them.
( probably glowing red by now! )

A waste-bin + night-light that senses the amount of waste in the can
and glow Green when it’s empty and Red when it’s full.

It is also a good teaching tool to educate our children
the importance of  waste management.
The simple concept of knowing where to put garbage and
when to remove them.

The Green
The small LED lights work with little energy and has a long life span.
If possible, it could also collect light-energy to run itself.
All made from 100% recycled materials and gets recycled to become itself.

To dominate and to be dominated, is part of nature.
However, all things should have a personality.  

RailLA High Speed Rail Station design 2010

The High speed Train of the United States of America 2010
The Design
Design concept was to focus on the speed. Like a bird in flight , or the courageous Blue-Angels airplanes. A station that is all about speed. fast Style + fast Function + fast Service. Shape of the HST station derived from the “Tail wing of the Blue-Angels airplane” one of the fastest fighting plane with a charisma. 
The first High Speed Train in the USA should be a one of its kind design. A station that functions totally different from the traditional stations. A double loaded platform on both sides of the Tail-wing building. In a way resembles the shotgun on both sides shoot the bullet trains out of the station. 
The ground level is served by the cars and Amtrak trains. The archway next to the clock tower of the Union station can be used as a curbside drop-off for the HST passengers. They could follow the green path up to the green concourse level and enter the main station building (Tail-wing). The green concourse level is a park like promenade that is connected to the public parking, Union station and the Gateway Center above the existing Amtrak platforms. 
The First floor of the Tail wing building has the ticketing, support, restrooms and storage spaces.
Second level is equipped with the waiting area. 
The third level is the food court and restrooms.
The incoming passengers on the platform level will take the escalator or an elevator to go down to the green concourse level to exit the facility.
The community Art
Flip-book artwork on the long walls in the stations could provide another level of experience. Also, attached is an animation of the passengers view from inside of the train. ( looking out to see the flip-book art on the wall form a moving train. )
The System
Aimed for 100% solar or self-generated electric HSTs for the future.

Utah BusStop Design Compitition 2009


Project: Utah Bus Stop design competition

Designer: Boni Studio Inc.

The future of the bus-stop begins with some simple facts.

It should be multi-functional.

First,   function as a bus stop.

Second,   function as a information center for local commuters and the visiting tourists.

Third,   emergency support and emergency announcements.

Fourth,   a place of meeting or waiting for friends.

This design starts with a name “BUS-STOP”. The trick is to align the bus door to the portal  within the bus-stop. The dots on the floor indicate a place for people to line up. At night the bus-stop will also attract people with its glowing lights, providing information and a comfortable bench.

Some might argue that the OLED and interactive map is an expansive materials. I think any new technology at first is costly. However, as designers it is our responsibility to use new materials in a creative way to improve our way of life, visually and functionally.

The design components.


Solar panel ( Photovoltaic ) 30% clear glass opening for light penetration. It will generate electricity to run lights and display panels.

Solid wall

Metal box that holds the standard advertisement on the outside and interactive touch screen map at top and general information below ( w/ weather bus schedules and announcements ) with language options. This wall also act as directional portal wall.

Folded wall

Tri-fold OLED panel will provide a transparent enclosure for the people during the day and at night act as light panel for safety and digital advertisement for entertainment.

‘OLED’ is a thin clear plastic sheet that can act as a light source or a visual display like LCD without a sold back panel. It generates 75% less heat than the standard LED. Therefore, just right amount of heat for the people waiting for the bus at night.  OLED : Organic light emitting diode.


1.  Transparent display

2.  Flexible, fold-able and dual display

3.  Paper thin display

4.  Touch screen panel capable

5.  Free viewing angle.

6.  Low power consumption

7.  High contrast